BBC Radio Scotland ‘Classics Unwrapped’ this Sunday evening

On Sunday 1 August, I’ll be talking about my new book The Piano – a History in 100 Pieces on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Classics Unwrapped’ programme, which begins at 7pm. The interview will be ‘live’ and if you’re in a position to listen to BBC Radio Scotland, you can hear my segment from about 7.20 until 7.45pm.

The show’s usual host, Jamie McDougall, is unable to be in the studio on this occasion and his place is being taken by Professor Stephen Broad.

I won’t be in the studio either – we’re going to try to do the interview using my landline phone while I sit comfortably in my own living-room. When I’ve taken part in this show on previous occasions, I’ve gone to Glasgow to record the interview, but the pandemic has changed so many of our usual ways of doing things. I’m glad to be able to stay at home, but a bit nervous about using my home phone for a radio interview – fingers crossed!

Find out more about Sunday’s programme by clicking this link:

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