Books of the Year in today’s Herald

img_20161126_151756846Today the Herald has an arts supplement with Books of the Year 2016 chosen by various guest selectors. Broadcaster Sheena McDonald has chosen my book ‘Sleeping in Temples‘ as one of her books of the year:

‘What makes a successful concert pianist? The internationally-acclaimed performer Susan Tomes explains using language as felicitously as she does the keyboard in ‘Sleeping in Temples’ (Boydell Press, £19.99), a page-turner and a joy of a book.’

A good Christmas present for a music-lover in your life, perhaps…

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  1. Patricia Guy said on

    Dear Susan,

    Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! As a last attempt with the C-Span Book TV people, I’ve forwarded this Herald review, asking them once again to invite you for an interview or for an author presentation.

    Your always fan,

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