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Signing paperbacks

Posted by Susan Tomes on 2 December 2022 under Books  •  Leave a comment

This week marks the official publication date of the paperback edition of my Yale University Press book The Piano – a History in 100 Pieces, but as usually seems to be the way, copies seem to have been circulating for a while already. At least, at my Cambridge recital last week, several people had brought […]

Kettle’s Yard recital in Cambridge this month

Posted by Susan Tomes on 1 November 2022 under Books, Concerts, Inspirations, Travel  •  1 Comment

I’m preparing for a solo recital at Kettle’s Yard museum in Cambridge on November 24th. Kettle’s Yard is a beautiful little museum which began in the 1950s as a personal art collection by Jim Ede, who used his own house as the display venue. It was the first gallery I visited where art objects were […]

Robert Louis Stevenson’s view of the Scottish temperament

Posted by Susan Tomes on 22 October 2022 under Books, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

I’ve been reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s Memories and Portraits, published in 1887. RLS, as he’s often referred to, is famous for Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kidnapped and a few others, though in my local library the collected edition of his works runs to 25 volumes. RLS grew up […]

At the Wigtown Book Festival

Posted by Susan Tomes on 3 October 2022 under Books, Concerts, Musings, Travel  •  5 Comments

On Saturday, I appeared at the Wigtown Book Festival in Dumfries and Galloway in the west of Scotland (see photo of me being interviewed by Stuart Kelly). Wigtown is Scotland’s ‘national book town’, boasting an astonishing number of bookshops for a small town which is difficult to get to. Yet as several people pointed out, […]

Reading Thurber while recovering from Covid

Posted by Susan Tomes on 31 July 2022 under Books  •  2 Comments

After managing to avoid Covid for two and a half years, I have now come down with it. It hasn’t been fun – suffice it to say I’m very glad I didn’t get the virus until I was fully vaccinated. While staying out of everyone’s way, I have had the chance to read. My favourite […]

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