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Happy New Year – and e-book news

Posted by Susan Tomes on 31 December 2013 under Books, Daily Life  •  2 Comments

Happy New Year to readers of this blog – and thank you for sticking with me. It is lovely to know that somewhere out there is a circle of readers. Quite a wide circle, geographically. Visualising that circle definitely helps to combat the feeling of isolation to which pianists are often prone. Those of you […]

A little summer break from the blog

Posted by Susan Tomes on 21 August 2013 under Books  •  3 Comments

I’m having a little summer break from writing this blog. This is a good moment for me to crack on with the book I’ve been writing at every peaceful opportunity this year. It’s over 80,000 words now, and the end is in sight (unless it turns out to be one of those things like climbing […]

Selling books in Tokyo

Posted by Susan Tomes on 25 June 2013 under Books, Concerts  •  2 Comments

Noriko Ogawa, who translated my book ‘Out of Silence’ into Japanese, has been giving concerts in Japan, from where she sent me this photo of our lovely Japanese editor from the publishing firm Shunjusha. Fumiko-san, our editor, had brought some copies of the Japanese edition to sell after one of Noriko’s concerts in Tokyo, and […]

‘Reinventing Bach’ by Paul Elie

Posted by Susan Tomes on 11 May 2013 under Books  •  1 Comment

American author Paul Elie thinks that Bach is particularly well placed to flourish in the age of recording because of the nature of his music. And he feels that Bach, a practical and inventive person, would have approved of all this technological innovation. Read my review of his book here. It’s published in the Arts […]

Saturday Classics on Radio 3 this weekend

Posted by Susan Tomes on 8 May 2013 under Books, Inspirations  •  Leave a comment

On Saturday 11 May I’m presenting an edition of BBC Radio 3’s Saturday Classics programme from 2-4pm, with my choice of recordings. There’s some Faur√©, Schumann, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Josef Strauss, Billy Mayerl, a couple of pieces of Mozart, and the Bill Evans Trio playing jazz. In between the recordings I talk about why I chose […]