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‘Out of Silence’ available on Kindle

Posted by Susan Tomes on 18 April 2013 under Books  •  5 Comments

The Boydell Press writes to say that my book ‘Out of Silence’ is now available on Kindle. It seems to have leaped straight from hardback to Kindle without going through the paperback stage. Everything is changing! Details of the Kindle edition are here. I feel slightly like the tortoise being overtaken by the hare, as […]

Reprint in Japan

Posted by Susan Tomes on 30 March 2013 under Books  •  Leave a comment

I’m thrilled to hear that the Japanese version of my book ‘Out of Silence’, translated by Noriko Ogawa, is to be reprinted only nine months after its first publication. My editor in Tokyo, whose messages are always to be treasured, writes that ‘Your book had put up a very good fight in this serious economic […]

Austrian Radio interview on Wednesday

Posted by Susan Tomes on 18 February 2013 under Books  •  Leave a comment

Between Monday and Thursday mornings this week, Austrian Radio (ORF1) is broadcasting a series of interviews with classical pianists who are also writers. Stephen Hough, Yorck Kronenbourg and Valery Afanassiev all feature in the series along with me. My own interview is broadcast on Wednesday morning at 0845 UK time (0945 in Austria), and you […]

‘One of the best books of 2012’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 23 November 2012 under Books  •  2 Comments

My book ‘Out of Silence’, in the Japanese translation by Noriko Ogawa, has just been chosen by ‘Chopin’ magazine in Japan as one of the best books of 2012. It’s been such a pleasure to correspond with my various Japanese editors and readers, some of whom have sent me beautiful photos of Japan in various […]

More Japanese reviews

Posted by Susan Tomes on 16 October 2012 under Books, Inspirations, Reviews  •  3 Comments

More reviews of my book ‘Out of Silence’, translated into Japanese by Noriko Ogawa, have arrived from Tokyo. I must say these Japanese reviews are absolutely my favourites so far. Their flavour suggests Noriko was right when she said that Japanese people would be on my wavelength, or vice versa. I particularly treasure a review […]