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‘Out of Silence’ comes out in Japanese

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 June 2012 under Books, Inspirations  •  Leave a comment

Today in Tokyo, the first copies of Noriko Ogawa’s translation of my book ‘Out of Silence’ roll off the press. The cover (see photo) is much the same as the British edition’s, but my name appears in Japanese, with Noriko’s name alongside it as translator. I feel immensely grateful to Noriko for undertaking this huge and […]

My youngest reader

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 March 2012 under Books, Daily Life, Travel  •  Leave a comment

Noriko Ogawa has finished translating my book ‘Out of Silence’ into Japanese, after more than a year’s work. As Noriko zooms about the world, she and her editor in Tokyo have been corresponding about the precise choice of words and the appropriate tone, and I have been watching helplessly from the sidelines because I don’t speak Japanese […]

My Japanese colleagues

Posted by Susan Tomes on 4 January 2012 under Books, Daily Life, Inspirations  •  Leave a comment

Over New Year I have been corresponding quite a bit with pianist Noriko Ogawa, who has almost finished translating my book ‘Out of Silence’ into Japanese. Though I am really looking forward to the Japanese edition, due out in spring, I am rather sorry that the stream of interesting questions from Noriko will now dry […]

Boydell’s widget

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 December 2011 under Books  •  2 Comments

‘A widget?’ I hear you ask. No, I didn’t know either. But it seems that a widget is a clever little package of information, in this case about my book ‘Out of Silence’. Its publisher, Boydell Press, is embracing widgets as a new kind of promotional material. If you click on this link, the wonders of […]

At the Rye Festival

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 September 2011 under Books, Daily Life, Musings  •  3 Comments

Usually I take part in music festivals, so to be invited to a Literary Festival is an exciting change. Yesterday I was at the Rye Festival talking about music and musicians. In between readings and bits of talk, I played little piano pieces. I’d been given one of those microphones which consists of a little […]