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Listen to Australian radio interview

Posted by Susan Tomes on 5 June 2010 under Books, Concerts, Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

I did an interview yesterday with Australian Radio’s ‘The Music Show’, hosted by composer Andrew Ford for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was broadcast in Australia a few hours ago and is now available via their website for downloading or to listen online. If you’d like to listen, or to read more about it, click [...]

TLS review of ‘Out of Silence’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 3 June 2010 under Books, Reviews  •  Leave a comment

An exciting moment this afternoon: a friend called to say that he’d just read a review – the first one, in fact – of my new book in the Times Literary Supplement. I couldn’t find it online, so I ran down the road to the newsagent’s to buy a hard copy. Here’s a snippet of John [...]

On the shelf (or table)

Posted by Susan Tomes on 16 April 2010 under Books, Daily Life  •  2 Comments

Yesterday a friend was visiting Oxford and sent me this photo of my new book on the ‘welcome table’ in Blackwell’s bookshop. It’s the one with the black cover in the centre of the picture. As I haven’t yet seen any copies of the book in a store near me, I was very happy to see this [...]

Link to Guardian Review

Posted by Susan Tomes on 20 March 2010 under Books, Daily Life  •  3 Comments

If you would like to read the excerpts from ‘Out of Silence’ in today’s Guardian, click here.

Book excerpts in the Guardian

Posted by Susan Tomes on 19 March 2010 under Books, Daily Life, Inspirations  •  2 Comments

The Guardian is publishing excerpts from Out of Silence in the Review section on Saturday 20 March. I’ll post the link on Saturday when I know it. In the meantime, many thanks to everyone who silently toasted my book from several different countries and three continents on Thursday evening at my ‘virtual book launch party’. It was [...]