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At the Wigmore

Posted by Susan Tomes on 16 March 2011 under Concerts, Florestan Trio, Musings  •  Leave a comment

Here’s the Florestan Trio on stage at  Wigmore Hall at the end of our Monday lunchtime concert. It was broadcast live on Radio 3 and will be repeated this Saturday 19 March at 2pm. It’s also available this week on iPlayer. It’s always a delight to play at Wigmore Hall, and the quality of the [...]

In Bruchsal

Posted by Susan Tomes on 12 March 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Florestan Trio  •  Leave a comment

I have been in Germany, where one of the Florestan Trio’s performances was in the beautiful 18th century Schloss Bruchsal, a place I admit I hadn’t heard of. It turned out that Mozart had visited there, not to play, but to have a meeting with the powerful prince-archbishop who might have offered him patronage. The [...]

Giving credit for chamber music

Posted by Susan Tomes on 4 March 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  2 Comments

After coaching chamber music at various music colleges this week, I’m still baffled about how chamber music can attain its proper status in higher education. My visit often begins with students explaining that they have struggled to find time to rehearse together; this is the reason they are not properly prepared, etc. I’m warned that this [...]

The award-winning coastline of Norway

Posted by Susan Tomes on 22 February 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Travel  •  1 Comment

Thank you to those kind people in the Lofoten Islands who wrote to me after I played in the music festival there last week. By popular request, here is another photo I took, this time from the plane on the way back to the Norwegian mainland. The scene reminded me of the character Slartibartfast in [...]

The majestic scenery of the Lofoten Islands

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 February 2011 under Concerts, Inspirations, Travel  •  Leave a comment

I probably would never have gone to the Lofoten Islands of Norway on my own initiative, but I was very glad that a music festival had summoned me there last week. Somehow I had imagined the islands as smaller and tamer than they really are. In fact, the scenery was quite wonderful. On our drives [...]