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A knife in the hand

Posted by Susan Tomes on 22 February 2012 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  4 Comments

It was lucky I didn’t have to play the piano much while I was in Austria, because I have been nursing a small injury to my right hand. It happened back in December when I was playing a solo programme including Ligeti’s ‘Musica Ricercata’. In the second piece, as the composer later revealed, there’s a […]

Graz prizewinners

Posted by Susan Tomes on 18 February 2012 under Concerts, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

Here are all the winners of the Graz Competition on stage at their Gala Concert on Thursday evening. Two piano trios, three Lieder partnerships of singer and pianist, and three string quartets (not all of whom are visible in the photo). For details of who won what, here’s the competition website. After listening to all […]

Jury arithmetic

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 February 2012 under Concerts, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

The final of the Graz competition ended last night with no first prize being awarded. We had been following jury rules which obliged us to give our scores anonymously, and to refrain from discussing the competitors with one another. Consequently the result of every round was a surprise for us, and last night was no […]

Graz trio final tomorrow

Posted by Susan Tomes on 13 February 2012 under Concerts, Musings, Travel  •  2 Comments

We have now arrived at six finalists for the piano trio competition in Graz. Each group has to play a contemporary work, plus one of Schubert’s late, great trios in the Final on Tuesday. This will be the first time I have ever had to sit and listen to six consecutive performances of Schubert’s late […]

‘Franz Schubert and modern music’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 11 February 2012 under Concerts, Musings  •  Leave a comment

I’m in Graz, Austria, on the jury of a piano trio competition, ‘Franz Schubert and modern music’. Graz is a beautiful city and even more so in the snow. The competition has several parallel categories: piano trio, string quartet and Lieder. The idea behind it is that all the entrants have to perform contemporary works […]