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Expanding in performance

Posted by Susan Tomes on 18 June 2010 under Concerts, Musings  •  Leave a comment

A curious thing happened at a concert of mine last week. We had rehearsed in the afternoon (piano plus string quartet) and when everyone was comfortable with the positions of their chairs and instruments, we marked up the stage with various colours of sticky tape so that the backstage team knew where to put everything in the [...]

A kitten steals the show

Posted by Susan Tomes on 13 June 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  2 Comments

I played a piano recital the other evening at the home of some friends. It was a lovely evening, and behind the piano, the French doors were wide open to the garden. About ten minutes from the end of my recital, as I was sailing full steam ahead with the final piece, a black kitten [...]

The Florestan Festival at Peasmarsh

Posted by Susan Tomes on 9 June 2010 under Concerts, Florestan Trio  •  Leave a comment

I’m off to take part in the Florestan Festival at Peasmarsh for the next few days. The festival takes place in a lovely little Norman church in the middle of the East Sussex fields (see photo). This year’s festival, the 13th Florestan Festival, celebrates the work of Robert Schumann whose 200th birthday was on 8th [...]

Listen to Australian radio interview

Posted by Susan Tomes on 5 June 2010 under Books, Concerts, Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

I did an interview yesterday with Australian Radio’s ‘The Music Show’, hosted by composer Andrew Ford for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was broadcast in Australia a few hours ago and is now available via their website for downloading or to listen online. If you’d like to listen, or to read more about it, click [...]

A tour of living-rooms?

Posted by Susan Tomes on 29 May 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  2 Comments

This is my 200th blog post! Here’s a photo of me playing for an invited audience recently in someone’s private home. I really like playing (and also going to hear) house concerts, which feel like a variant on the ‘salons’ of previous centuries. Understandably, such house concerts are usually a money-free zone for all concerned. But since I enjoy [...]