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Wimbledon BookFest on Saturday

Posted by Susan Tomes on 28 September 2010 under Books, Concerts  •  Leave a comment

The Wimbledon BookFest has asked me to mention them, and I’m happy to spread the word as my own event is one of the first in this year’s BookFest. The festival runs from 2-10 October and you can find out more here. On the evening of Saturday 2 October I’m giving a talk, at a lovely […]

Counting your listeners

Posted by Susan Tomes on 24 September 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  1 Comment

Yesterday I was at a conference about creativity in performance. There were many interesting speakers, several of whom told anecdotes to make their points clear.  At one point we were talking about the curious blend of involvement and detachment that seems to be necessary for high-level performance. Involvement alone is not as helpful as you […]

‘Scotsman’ article today on piano competition

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 September 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

Following on from yesterday’s post about the Scottish International Piano Competition, anyone who’s interested in the new chamber music round may like to read Kenneth Walton’s article on the subject in today’s Scotsman newspaper. The chamber final is tonight at 7pm in the Concert Hall of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Trillions of notes

Posted by Susan Tomes on 14 September 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  2 Comments

I’m in rainy Glasgow, half way through my fortnight on the jury of the triennial Scottish International Piano Competition. Obviously I can’t say much as the competition is still in progress, but I can say how absorbing it’s been to hear so many accomplished young pianists from all around the world. So many different styles […]

More musical if wearing a long frock

Posted by Susan Tomes on 5 September 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

Much discussion yesterday about Ben Goldacre’s ‘Bad Science’ column in the Guardian. This time he was reporting a piece of good science, a paper by Noola Griffiths which shows that young women violinists are judged more musical and more technically proficient if they are wearing formal concert clothes. You can read his description of this […]