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Handel’s opera stars

Posted by Susan Tomes on 20 May 2009 under Concerts, Travel  •  Leave a comment

Last night we attended the dress rehearsal of Handel’s opera ‘Giulio Cesare’ at Glyndebourne, thanks to a friend in the orchestra who kindly gave us tickets. Dress rehearsals at Glyndebourne, which are free but reserved for friends, family and supporters’ groups of the cast and crew, are possibly more fun than attending a ‘real’ performance because […]

A painful index finger

Posted by Susan Tomes on 19 May 2009 under Concerts  •  Leave a comment

The index finger of my left hand has been painful for some days. I think I whacked the piano keyboard too hard during a phrase marked ‘brutal’ in a performance of Messiaen last week. Next morning, I picked up a mug of tea and it really hurt to curl my finger around the handle. Since […]

Schubert’s biographer

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 May 2009 under Concerts, Florestan Trio  •  Leave a comment

Practising Schubert’s E flat trio for a concert tonight, I remembered a delightful moment in a talk Bob gave about Schubert’s chamber music at the Florestan Festival a couple of years ago. He told the audience about the earliest known biography of Schubert, written by Heinrich Kreissle von Hellborn, whom Bob described as ‘Schubert’s first […]

More on those disappearing reviews

Posted by Susan Tomes on 14 May 2009 under Concerts  •  Leave a comment

Several people have got in touch about the difficulty of musicians getting their concerts reviewed by the press. They point out that where they live, newspapers are ‘letting go’ of their classical music critics and shrinking the team of arts critics generally. The space devoted to arts coverage in newspapers is under threat, and in […]

Silence in the Press (again)

Posted by Susan Tomes on 12 May 2009 under Concerts, Florestan Trio  •  1 Comment

Last week my trio played two concerts in Wigmore Hall, one of the world’s premier venues for chamber music. Both concerts were sold out, with people standing at the back and people being turned away at the box office. Yet there was not a single review in any newspaper. These two concerts marked almost the end […]