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What the microphone hears

Posted by Susan Tomes on 13 January 2010 under Daily Life, Florestan Trio, Musings  •  Leave a comment

Just finished three days of recording in Henry Wood Hall, a converted church in south London. I feel stiff and aching all over, as if a horse has been jumping up and down on me. Recording is such an arduous process! Every time I do it, I wonder why on earth it is that, even though the […]

An unexpected pairing

Posted by Susan Tomes on 9 January 2010 under Books, Daily Life, Inspirations, Reviews  •  Leave a comment

A most unexpected and heartwarming New Year gift arrived today in the form of a comment made in a Times book review by the distinguished cellist Natalie Clein. Reviewing a new book on Bach’s cello suites, she muses on the difficulty of writing about music, and says, ‘The most successful writers are often musicians themselves […]

No more tweaking

Posted by Susan Tomes on 3 January 2010 under Books, Daily Life, Musings  •  3 Comments

I spent most of yesterday correcting the page-proofs of my new book and twitching with frustration. My electronic copy of the page-proofs is ‘read only’. I cannot type on it or make any alterations. Any mistakes have to be listed separately and sent to the publisher. It’s a process akin to listening to the ‘first […]

New Year’s Day

Posted by Susan Tomes on 1 January 2010 under Daily Life, Inspirations, Travel  •  Leave a comment

This new year has found me in thoughtful rather than celebratory mood. So here is a photo of the tide gracefully looping its way along Portobello Beach in the winter sun in Edinburgh, where I spent Christmas. There is much to look forward to in 2010, and I wish you all a good start to […]

Yule Blog

Posted by Susan Tomes on 23 December 2009 under Daily Life  •  2 Comments

While everyone is busy with Christmas festivities, this blog is going to sink into a cosy armchair with a slice of home-made Christmas cake and gaze out of the window for a while. Season’s greetings!