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A discussion between equals?

Posted by Susan Tomes on 3 February 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

I’m starting to look forward to my piano masterclasses this weekend. Six young professional pianists are going to be my students. I’ve always hesitated to say ‘students’ ever since a friend came to listen to the masterclasses at Prussia Cove and commented afterwards that the discussion between ‘master’ and ‘student’ had seemed to him more […]

Bob’s preserve(s)

Posted by Susan Tomes on 31 January 2010 under Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

Bob has just made his fourth batch of marmalade this month, using Seville oranges which are only available in January. Batch 1 had to be thrown away when he got engrossed in some editing work and left the boiling marmalade to caramelise. Batch 2 was an unusual recipe with dark muscovado sugar, not a marmalade for […]

Phalacrocorax aristotelis

Posted by Susan Tomes on 30 January 2010 under Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

The parade of unusual bird visitors continues. The other day, in our local park, we saw half a dozen large cormorants, or perhaps shags, sitting on a wooden platform in the middle of the lake. Surely cormorants are seabirds, found on rocky cliffs? But there they were slumming it among the ducks and coots. When […]

Boulangerie poetry

Posted by Susan Tomes on 27 January 2010 under Daily Life, Musings  •  1 Comment

In the bread section of the supermarket I was startled to see a tall baguette labelled ‘Pain Flute’. I was reading in English and thought the store’s labelling team had gone all poetical on a dark winter’s afternoon. Isn’t there a poem by Tagore which talks about the flute sounding the notes of the writer’s pain? When I’m […]

‘Meet the Artist’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 26 January 2010 under Concerts, Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

There’s a little interview with me in the ‘Meet the Artist’ series on BBC Music Magazine’s website.  It focuses on the masterclass weekend I’m teaching in February. As is usually the way, the interviewer hasn’t chosen the bits of the interview I would have chosen myself, but perhaps it’s interesting anyhow.