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O magnum mysterium

Posted by Susan Tomes on 14 December 2009 under Concerts, Daily Life, Inspirations  •  2 Comments

Yesterday I was in King’s College, Cambridge to hear the ‘Carols from King’s’ service, which will be broadcast on Christmas Eve on BBC2. When I was a student at the college, the choir sang Evensong every day and I missed most of the services, telling myself that I could go any time I liked. Now […]

Small is beautiful

Posted by Susan Tomes on 11 December 2009 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings, Reviews  •  Leave a comment

Still feeling cross that the Guardian, in its review of classical music in the past decade, did not say a single word about chamber music. Guardian writer Tom Service devoted almost his whole summary to opera and orchestral music. This happens year after year, no matter who the writer is. Each Christmas I have to […]

Gramophone magazine

Posted by Susan Tomes on 11 December 2009 under Daily Life, Florestan Trio, Reviews  •  Leave a comment

At last Gramophone, the UK’s leading classical record magazine, has reviewed the Florestan Trio’s latest Hyperion disc of Haydn Trios (volume 2). Here’s an extract: ‘The Florestan Trio display their customary virtuosity, elegance and caprice, once again capturing the full emotional range of what may, on the surface, appear to be merely domestic entertainment music… Peter Quantrill […]

Brain patterns

Posted by Susan Tomes on 10 December 2009 under Daily Life, Musings  •  2 Comments

I was fascinated to read recently about an experiment to find out what goes on in the brain of actors when they pretend to be other people. Actress Fiona Shaw volunteered to recapitulate her celebrated performance of TS Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ while lying motionless inside an MRI chamber at London University’s psychology department. She […]

The changing popularity of accents

Posted by Susan Tomes on 9 December 2009 under Books, Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

Here are Eva Hoffman, Janice Galloway and me at the Royal Festival Hall discussing what it’s like to write about music and musicians. Janice got us all laughing, and it turned into a fun evening. We three speakers all said something about why we wanted to write about music; we read extracts from our books, […]