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Vaulting ambition

Posted by Susan Tomes on 26 November 2010 under Daily Life, Inspirations, Travel  •  Leave a comment

To Evensong at King’s College, Cambridge. At this time of year it is quite dark when the service begins at 5.30pm. As the sound of the choir floats upwards, it seems to draw the eye up to the beautiful fan vaulting (see photo). I never get tired of hearing how subtly the long resonance dies […]

A morning with Goritzki

Posted by Susan Tomes on 19 November 2010 under Concerts, Inspirations  •  2 Comments

Went to a marvellous cello masterclass given by Johannes Goritzki at the Royal College of Music. He spent hours persuading the students that playing the cello was easier than they thought, just a matter of applying weight in the right place, not working against the natural functions of muscles, understanding that the cello bow can […]

Egyptian friezes unfrozen

Posted by Susan Tomes on 1 November 2010 under Daily Life, Inspirations  •  Leave a comment

To Sadler’s Wells to see the Tanztheater Wuppertal, Pina Bausch’s dance company. Sadly I never saw them while Pina Bausch was still alive (she died last year). The audience was packed with dancers, or at least that was how I interpreted the fact that there were so many gorgeous people with regal posture, tiny waists […]

Herald article about SIPC

Posted by Susan Tomes on 2 September 2010 under Concerts, Inspirations, Musings, Travel  •  1 Comment

Today’s Glasgow Herald has an article about the Scottish International Piano Competition, which starts next week in Glasgow. I’m  on the competition jury. The board of the competition have made some wise and welcome changes to the requirements, which we all hope will encourage well-rounded and deep-thinking musicians to apply. The finals are now divided into […]

Something Good

Posted by Susan Tomes on 29 August 2010 under Concerts, Inspirations, Musings, Reviews  •  Leave a comment

What a pleasure to hear the John Wilson Orchestra in their Rodgers and Hammerstein Prom, which I heard on television. John Wilson’s arrangements are simply spellbinding. His hand-picked orchestra, with many individually distinguished musicians playing in it, reminded me of the old joke that ‘the ideal orchestra would have Jascha Heifetz as its leader.’ ‘No, […]