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Advent at King’s College Chapel

Posted by Susan Tomes on 28 November 2022 under Musings  •  1 Comment

Last night I attended the Advent Service in the chapel of King’s College, Cambridge. The service, which commemorates the events leading up to the birth of Christ, has a simple and irresistible narrative. At the beginning, the chapel is in darkness. Approaching from the west end, the choir pauses at various places in the great […]

Paper trail

Posted by Susan Tomes on 19 November 2022 under Musings  •  7 Comments

Last week a friend was showing me how she can call up musical scores on various electronic devices, linking the devices so that she can use whichever best suits her needs at the time. She even had the option of writing in fingerings and expression marks with an electronic pencil; any changes she made would […]

Playing in the RSNO chamber series for the first in-person audience since the pandemic

Posted by Susan Tomes on 7 November 2022 under Concerts, Musings  •  1 Comment

It was great to be part of the RSNO chamber series in Glasgow yesterday afternoon in its first ‘live’ concert for an in-person audience since the pandemic.  That’s a gap of almost three years! Photo shows (L to R) cellist Pei Jee Ng, me, violist Tom Dunn, violinist Lena Zeliszewska, violinist and RSNO concertmaster Maya […]

Paperback edition of ‘The Piano’ comes out today in the UK

Posted by Susan Tomes on 25 October 2022 under Musings  •  1 Comment

The paperback version of my book The Piano – a History in 100 Pieces comes out today in the UK. (It comes out in the US on November 29.) One can’t take it for granted that a hardback non-fiction book will go into paperback, so I’m grateful to Yale University Press for this mark of […]

Robert Louis Stevenson’s view of the Scottish temperament

Posted by Susan Tomes on 22 October 2022 under Books, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

I’ve been reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s Memories and Portraits, published in 1887. RLS, as he’s often referred to, is famous for Treasure Island, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kidnapped and a few others, though in my local library the collected edition of his works runs to 25 volumes. RLS grew up […]

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