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How to subscribe to this blog – an update

Posted by Susan Tomes on 17 August 2021 under Daily Life, Website Updates  •  Leave a comment

Update: if you’ve been trying to subscribe to my blog in the last day or two and have encountered problems, please note that the link is now working properly. I’ve just been writing to my subscribers to tell them that new blog posts, delivered to them by email, now look different because they come via […]

My MP3 Store is now live!

Posted by Susan Tomes on 6 May 2012 under Daily Life, Pages, Website Updates  •  1 Comment

After weeks of preparation, my new ‘shop’ is open.  I’ve recorded several tracks of piano music by Billy Mayerl, which you can buy and download from my website. Visit the shop! Billy Mayerl was the famous pianist of the Savoy Hotel in London in the 1920s. His sparkling piano music is some of the best light music […]

Read this blog via email, etc

Posted by Susan Tomes on 2 June 2010 under Daily Life, Website Updates  •  2 Comments

Read the blog via email: now you can sign up to have new blog posts delivered to your email inbox, and as always, you can also subscribe via RSS. You’ll find these options in the left-hand column under the Search box. Plus, if you’ve written a comment on a blog post, you can also now tick a box to follow any further comments […]

Things of note

Posted by Susan Tomes on 1 March 2009 under Daily Life, Musings, Website Updates  •  2 Comments

Welcome to my blog. I thought I wanted a static website, but my website designer had other ideas. As I’m old enough to be his mother I tried to tell him not to be silly, but somehow I found myself agreeing to try a blog. I hope to give an insight into the world of […]