At the weekend, several newspapers carried photos of thieves in China using chopsticks to pick people’s pockets as they browsed market stalls. The chopsticks are used essentially to make the thief’s fingers much longer and thinner – a sort of variant on the Edward Scissorhands look. It also means that the pickpockets don’t have to stand quite so close to their victims.

We were discussing how useful it would be to learn how to use chopsticks to extend the reach of one’s hand. A number of potential uses, some more bizarre than others, were mentioned. We considered their use in piano playing; after all, there’s already a well-known beginner’s piano piece called Chopsticks. ‘Perhaps you could use chopsticks to stretch those big intervals in Chopin that you always say you can’t stretch with your small hand’, suggested Bob. After a pause, he said, ‘Chopinsticks’.

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2 Responses to “Chop(in)sticks”

  1. Paul Austen said on

    I remember somebody sending me a really funny Youtube clip of a similar thing to play Rachmaninov!! The pianist had an assistant who struck the keyboard with a sort of frame to play the large chords in Rachmaninov – but sadly I can’t remember their names. It was absolutely hilarious and totally brilliant!!

  2. Paul Austen said on

    Do you know the wonderful “Rachmaninov had big hands” clip on YouTube by Igoodesnman and Joo? Absolutely hilarious!! The link is

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