‘Pick of 2010’

My book ‘Out of Silence’ has been chosen by The Independent as one of the ‘best books for Christmas – our pick of 2010’. I’m told by my publisher that this has led to …. well, if not a surge exactly, then a ‘bijou surgette’ in orders on Amazon. Hooray!

The Independent’s literary editor, Boyd Tonkin, said:
‘..In another part of the musical forest, but with just as sure a literary touch, that outstanding pianist and educator Susan Tomes took us inside the world of the over-worked, under-valued classical player in ‘Out of Silence’. I wish idiots who bleat about the ‘elitism’ of the classical tradition could at least pick up this generous, friendly, revealing diary of a year’s hard slog.’

Read the article in The Independent

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  1. Alison said on

    Wonderful! Congratulations!

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