City Music Society on 16 Oct

City Music Society, which holds its concerts at Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool St Station in London, is starting its ‘early evening’ autumn series on Wednesday night, 16 October, with a piano recital by me. Tickets are free for students under 25 with valid ID. For members of City Music Society, tickets are £18, and £21 for non-members.

I haven’t played at Bishopsgate Institute for a long time, and a quick search on Google Images suggests that the hall has been attractively renovated since I last saw it.

My programme includes Haydn, Schumann, Mozart and Billy Mayerl. The concert starts at 7pm, unusually early for London concerts these days. I’m always being told that people with City jobs already find it hard to get to concerts for a 7.30pm start, so I’m hoping that starting at 7pm will not lead to people trooping in after the Haydn Sonata has finished. Troop in before 7pm please!

The temperature in London has been dropping in the last couple of days. I went for a walk the other day in a light jacket and  regretted not being more warmly dressed. It has been so nice during the summer not to have to worry about cold hands. Let’s hope it’s a while yet until the season when pianists have to hunt backstage in concert halls for a sink with nice warm water in which to soak their hands before a performance.

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