Classical Music ‘Books of the Year’

My book ‘Sleeping in Temples’ has been named as one of the ‘Books of the Year’ by Classical Music magazine.  In November it was their ‘Editor’s Choice’ with a five-star review, and now in December it has been upgraded to one of the ten ‘books of the year’. What a fabulous Christmas present!

The November review of my book in Classical Music is now online.

It’s delightful too that one of their other ‘books of the year’ is ‘Capturing Music’, a history of notation by Thomas Forrest Kelly of Harvard University. I knew Tom when I was a student, when he was (I think) a Visiting Scholar, considered extremely charming and witty in that wonderfully dry American way. We lost touch for years and years, but I was very pleased to see his new book alongside mine in the list.

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2 Responses to “Classical Music ‘Books of the Year’”

  1. S. Lanum said on

    I am making my way through your book and finished reading the ‘Temps Perdu’ chapter today. While I have, of course, always noticed whether or not a performer was joined by a page turner on stage I can’t say I ever thought one way or another about it. I wonder what portion of the typical audience even cares.

  2. Susan Tomes said on

    Well, it would of course be interesting to know how many people care about it or not! I think part of the pressure to memorise comes from within the music community, and is not simply a matter of thinking that the audience requires it.

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