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Finally I have managed to track down a copy of this month’s ‘Classical Music’ magazine, which for some reason has become harder and harder to find in the shops. Knowing there was to be an article about me in the February issue, I tried to find the magazine in a number of relevant shops, and even in several different cities, but drew a blank. (In case you’re wondering: no, the publisher didn’t send me a copy of the magazine.) Even in Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford they didn’t have ‘Classical Music’ and said they hadn’t been able to get it for 18 months. In most other shops – including larger branches of WHSmith where I’ve bought it in the past – they just shook their heads when I asked about it.

Eventually I tracked down a copy in the library of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, but it was not for borrowing, so I read it and took a photo on my phone.

Assuming, then, that most of my readers won’t have seen the magazine, I thought I’d at least post a photograph of the article in case anyone wants to enlarge the photo and read it…

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  1. Michael Robertson said on

    Thanks! Have you got any way of uploading a higher-definition picture? This one (about 11 KB) just blurs when it’s enlarged but it would be good to read it.

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