Visiting Daunt’s Books, and a review in ‘Pianist’

In London yesterday, I visited the beautiful premises of Daunt’s Books in Marylebone High Street to sign some copies of my new book (see photo). The architecture of the store certainly gives one the feeling of being in a temple of books.

Today I came across a nice review of the book in the new issue of Pianist magazine – here are a couple of snippets:

‘A fascinating survey of 100 pieces …This is Susan Tomes’s personal tour through the rich history of the piano’s repertoire – and what an interesting, entertaining and enthusiastic guide she is over the course of its 350 pages.

‘The author draws upon her intimate knowledge of the music to detail her observations about the piece and its performances as well as relating its historical background. She does so with wonderfully eloquent and descriptive writing that reminds me of the wordsmithery of the most engaging musician-authors such as Stephen Hough. … A book that should appear on every pianophile’s wishlist.’

Pianist magazine, 23 July 2021

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3 Responses to “Visiting Daunt’s Books, and a review in ‘Pianist’”

  1. Mary Cohen said on

    I am loving this book and reading it apparently randomly – allowing the topics to reach out and grab my attention. Definitely not just for pianists!

  2. Susan Tomes said on

    Hooray, that’s just what I want to hear! Thank you Mary

  3. Kartikeya said on

    Wow ma’am!! The book looks very fascinating. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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