Fame’s feathery crowbar

birthday lunchMy days of being able to be knocked down by a feather are past, but you could have knocked me down with a full-grown marrow, or possibly a crusty baguette, when I discovered that my birthday was the featured one in The Times’ birthday column on Thursday, at the bottom of the  letters page, with a wee photo of me. (Sadly I can’t give the link, as Times Online is a subscription-only service.) I have no idea why they chose me, but as my erstwhile hero Richard Brautigan once wrote of a similar situation:

“It’s really something to have fame put its feathery crowbar under your rock and then upward to the light to release you, along with seven grubs and a sow bug.”

I was in Cambridge yesterday and was walking through my old college when the door of the Lodge opened, and out came one of the Fellows in his long academic gown. Spotting me, he called out, ‘Happy Birthday! You see I read the right newspapers!’ and strode off across the lawn, gown billowing behind him. I beamed and felt six feet tall for a moment, at least until the wind and rain beat me down to size.

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4 Responses to “Fame’s feathery crowbar”

  1. peter said on

    Happy Birthday, Susan!

    And to think you are also a fan of Richard Brautigan! One of my favourite authors.

  2. Susan said on

    When I was a student I used to know large chunks of ‘Trout Fishing in America’ off by heart. I was so pleased to hear Brautigan mentioned this week as an inspiration for Adam Curtis’s new documentary television series on how we’re ruled by technology.

  3. Stephen said on

    Many happy returns Susan.

  4. Mishka said on

    “He created his own Kool Aid reality and was able to illuminate himself by it.” I love Trout Fishing in America, and In Watermelon Sugar too! Brautigan is such a peculiar and fascinating writer.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

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