International Piano magazine review

Out of Silence has been reviewed by Julian Haylock in the July/August issue of International Piano magazine. The review is not online, so here’s a glimpse:

‘It is remarkable just how much Tomes manages to find illumination in things that may initially appear musically unpromising. … even celebrity chefs unwittingly provide much food for musical thought in this unputdownable volume. By the end, I felt I not only knew more about the author, but also about myself. Highly recommended.’

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3 Responses to “International Piano magazine review”

  1. Gretchen Saathoff said on

    Congratulations, Susan!

    btw, “Unputdownable” is definitely a new one for me.

  2. Susan Tomes said on

    Thanks, Gretchen. Is ‘unputdownable’ an unfamiliar word to you? Maybe it’s a British usage. Curiously, the opposite, ‘unpickupable’, never seems to be used by book reviewers though you might think it was an equally useful term!

  3. Gretchen Saathoff said on

    Yes! I’ve never heard the word before. But I just looked it up at, Merriam-Webster’s web site. It is there.

    Funny, since I do read book reviews fairly often.

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