My first Japanese reviews

Noriko Ogawa, who translated my book ‘Out of Silence’ into Japanese, reports that the first reviews have started appearing in Japan. To our great delight the book is one of three chosen this week by the Nikkei Shinbun (Financial Times of Japan) as “Connoisseurs’ choice”.  Unfortunately I can’t give the direct link because I’m not a subscriber to, but here’s a summary:

‘A beautiful collection of essays written by a pianist. The insight of her mind is expressed in a beautifully honest manner. Her insights invite us to think, look into, speculate about things in life.’ (Nikkei Shinbun, 15 August)

The Japanese music magazine ‘Mostly Classic’ has also given us an lovely review:

‘The author is a pianist and a very excellent writer. Many essays of extremely interesting content are collected together …The publication of this translation is the result of a heartwarming collaboration between two pianists.’


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