Mozart Piano Concerto in B flat, K595, with Meadows Orchestra

A fortnight ago I performed Mozart’s wonderful Piano Concerto in B flat K595 with the Meadows Chamber Orchestra, a long-standing amateur orchestra which has become an institution in Edinburgh’s musical life. The orchestra celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

The concert was brilliantly conducted by Gordon Bragg and took place in Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh (see photo taken at rehearsal – minus me as I’d stepped away from the piano to take the picture).

The orchestra made a video of the concerto, available on YouTube:

By the way, the cadenza at the end of the first movement is my own – in Mozartian style (I hope).

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2 Responses to “Mozart Piano Concerto in B flat, K595, with Meadows Orchestra”

  1. Mary Cohen said on

    How lovely! Real music ‘sharing’ between orchestra and piano. The slow movement was particularly beautiful, and the last movement lifted the spirits and made me smile.

  2. Piotr said on

    Great video! You really seemed to be enjoying yourself

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