My Mozart on ‘Summer CD Review’ this Sat

This Saturday, BBC Radio 3’s ‘Summer CD Review’ has selected my Mozart piano and violin sonatas e-album, made with violinist Erich Höbarth, as one of their summer recommendations. You can see Saturday’s playlist for the programme here.

The recordings were made live at performances in Perth Concert Hall last season. They’re true ‘live’ recordings and have not been edited or re-touched in any way, so we hope the spirit of the occasion will make people willing to overlook any little blemishes.

CD Review will be playing the last movement of the Mozart D major Sonata K306 at around 11.20 on Saturday morning. You can use the ‘listen again’ facility to hear it on the BBC website for a week afterwards. To buy the album itself – or individual tracks from it – please visit CD Baby;  alternatively, you can find the album on Amazon or iTunes.

This is my first e-album venture, and some of the profits actually come to Erich and me, so please buy it! I’m told by people who’ve already bought it that the hi-fi quality is excellent.

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