Robert Philip’s new book: a playlist and an interview

As I’m the one with the website, I’m helping to do some publicity about my husband Robert Philip’s epic study of orchestral music, The Classical Music Lover’s Companion to Orchestral Music, just out from Yale University Press (see photo of the author with his book).

Two new things to read and listen to:

1. Robert has compiled a great playlist of 20 favourite bits of orchestral music, and he’s written a couple of lines about each. The list is on the Yale blog which links through to Spotify, but you can also go directly to the Spotify playlist.

Please note that the Spotify playlist doesn’t contain Robert’s words about the pieces; for those, you have to visit the Yale blog.

2. The Edinburgh Reporter has just interviewed Robert about his new book. Scroll down in this article to find a nine-minute audio interview/podcast in which Robert talks about the book. Enjoy the scene-setting photo of him with Edinburgh Castle in the background!

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