Saturday Classics on Radio 3 this weekend

Susan TomesOn Saturday 11 May I’m presenting an edition of BBC Radio 3’s Saturday Classics programme from 2-4pm, with my choice of recordings. There’s some Fauré, Schumann, Chopin, Saint-Saens, Josef Strauss, Billy Mayerl, a couple of pieces of Mozart, and the Bill Evans Trio playing jazz. In between the recordings I talk about why I chose them, with a bit of reminiscence.

Click here for more information about the programme on the Radio 3 website.

On the same day, Saturday 11 May, you can read a review I’ve written for The Independent of Paul Elie’s book, ‘Reinventing Bach’,  about how Bach has found a new lease of life in the age of iPods and gadgets which allow people to lead their daily lives to the accompaniment of their favourite music.


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