Scotsman Sessions #30: a bit of lockdown music-making

The Scotsman newspaper is offering readers some lockdown entertainment, or solace, in the form of contributions from various artists who’ve recorded themselves playing, reading poetry, singing, or whatever in their own homes. There’s an accompanying article written by one of the newspaper’s critics; in my case, by music critic David Kettle.

My contribution, The Scotsman Sessions #30, went live this morning:

I recorded myself playing Schumann’s Romance in F sharp major opus 28, using just my old phone, which is fairly basic. So the sound quality is limited, but it was nice to be able to offer some freshly-made music-making to others in lockdown. Listening back to it on my phone, I wasn’t sure the sound quality was acceptable, but I later found that listening to it through computer speakers was a much better experience. That’s what I’d recommend if you can do that.

Some friends have reported that they had to submit an email address to The Scotsman before being able to click on the video. Others have been able to listen without needing to sign up. It’s a mystery. I hope you’ll be able to hear it without problems.

If you are on Twitter, you can also find it by looking for The Scotsman Sessions @Scotsman_Arts

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  1. Ivan said on

    Lovely. Thank you, Susan. It reminded me that one of my all-time favourite CDs is the one you made of Schumann Piano Trios with The Florestan Trio. I bought it in about 1999. You have inspired me to spend this evening listening to it again!

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