Scotsman article today

There’s an article by music critic Ken Walton about me and my book in today’s Scotsman newspaper – click here to read it. For now, an excerpt:

‘Just read her recent fourth book, Sleeping in Temples, in which she muses, in 16 essays, on issues that challenge and intrigue her in relation to her 30-year career as a leading chamber musician and solo pianist … a book that exudes the same warmth and passion for her subject, and life in general, that shines through her much-admired work as a solo and ensemble pianist.’

The article mentions my upcoming lunchtime concert at the Brunton Theatre on Tuesday 3 February at 1pm. I’ll be talking about and playing Beethoven’s A flat major piano sonata, opus 110. There’s so much to say about this wonderful piece that it’s really more of a challenge to know what to leave out than what to include. Yet, although I have lots of ideas about what I could say, that doesn’t make it any easier to put my thoughts about late Beethoven into words, as many others have found! I’m gradually working out some pointers that could be useful, especially for listeners who aren’t very familiar with the piece. Ticket information for the lunchtime concert is here.

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