How to subscribe to this blog – an update

Update: if you’ve been trying to subscribe to my blog in the last day or two and have encountered problems, please note that the link is now working properly.

I’ve just been writing to my subscribers to tell them that new blog posts, delivered to them by email, now look different because they come via a different route. Google Feedburner, which used to deliver these mails, has ceased to operate and instead I’m using a service called, whose name appears at the top of emails to subscribers.

This seems a good moment to remind you that anyone can subscribe to this blog, free of charge. You sign up by clicking the link in the left hand margin of my home page, under ‘Read the Blog via Email’, and give your email address. Every time I publish a new blog post, a copy of it will pop into your email inbox. It’s free, it’s easy to use, your name will not be published, and it saves you from having to check back to see if there’s anything new on my home page. (Believe it or not, some people actually do!)

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