Booking me as a speaker

I have joined the roster of speakers represented by the Ed Victor Agency. If you are interested in booking me as a speaker, Visit their Speakers’ Bureau and scroll down the alphabetical list until you come to T.

I’ve always enjoyed speaking to concert audiences, and in recent years I’ve  found it satisfying to talk to more general audiences of arts lovers, trying to give them an extra insight into the making of a performance, and into life as a classical musician. Sometimes these are ‘just’ talks; if there’s a piano available, I can also intersperse my remarks with live piano music, making it more like a piano recital with a literary slant.  I don’t do gossip; I’m interested in describing some of the ingredients which go into the performance of classical music, and explaining some of the player’s preoccupations. In other words, it’s the same sort of material as in my books, but with the author’s voice as well as her piano playing.

I find that even seasoned concert-goers are often surprised to hear what life is really like for the serious musician. After years of answering questions such as, ‘Is this all you do, or do you also work?’, I enjoy the opportunity to put the record straight.

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