Unsmall talk

Here I am on one of my favourite sofas in the Friends’ Room at the Royal Academy of Arts. Over the years, on this very sofa or the ones next to it, I’ve discussed all manner of things with friends from near and far. We’ve met here partly to look at paintings and partly to have coffee and talk. Something about the combination of art, architecture and sofas has made it easy to talk about things that matter. We’ve discussed children, partners and parents, we’ve analysed achievements and failures and revealed hopes for the future. We’ve talked about money worries, legal issues, health problems, and things to celebrate. When I look back on it, I realise that some important turning-points were reached over discussions in this room. Why are these different from any nice chat over a coffee in any pleasant place? I don’t know. But I like it here because there never seems to be any small talk.

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