Wigmore booking opens for new season

Booking for Wigmore Hall’s 2012-13 season opens to the general public today. You can browse the new brochure online or download it from here.

This seems a good moment to mention that on the evening of Sunday, September 30, violinist Erich Höbarth and I will be playing an all-Mozart concert at Wigmore Hall. There will be several sonatas for piano and violin, and a couple of solo piano pieces too. You can book tickets from today for this concert.

To whet your appetite: when Erich and I played this repertoire in Scotland this season, The Guardian said, ‘This was some of the most intuitive, candid and affectionate ensemble playing I’ve heard.’ The Herald said, ‘Each time I went [to this series] I was blown away. This was musical partnership at its most convivial … Whether you grappled intellectually or simply sat back and revelled in the fine sound and warm camaraderie, the effect was golden.’


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