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Watch the new YouTube video which is linked to the album of Mozart piano and violin sonatas played by me and Erich Höbarth. The live recordings were made at concerts in Perth last year and have just become available as an e-album.

You’ll hear a short excerpt from the first movement of Mozart’s D major sonata K306. While you listen, you’ll see pictures of Perth, the concert hall, the countryside around, and the musicians. Some of the photos, such as the one on the album cover, were taken by Erich Höbarth. Under the video, there’s more information about the recording and how to buy it from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon etc. You can also click straight through to CD Baby by using the ‘Buy Album’ button on the left-hand side of this home page.

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3 Responses to “YouTube video”

  1. Mary said on

    What a wonderful clip – it is liberating to hear Mozart just ‘pouring out’ like this!

  2. Ruth said on

    It is a super clip and it encouraged me to buy the cd. I can’t believe how good the sound is – both from the technical and artistic perspective!

  3. Susan Tomes said on

    Delighted you think so! Thank you for letting me know.

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