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The language of handwriting

Posted by Susan Tomes on 21 September 2009 under Books, Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

In Monday’s Guardian, Umberto Eco laments the decline in children’s handwriting ability. He gives various reasons why he thinks it’s a shame that we don’t handwrite letters any more, but surprisingly doesn’t talk about the impact that someone’s handwriting can have on the reader. When I was a teenager, long before we had computers – let […]

A book review in today’s Guardian

Posted by Susan Tomes on 8 August 2009 under Books  •  Leave a comment

In the Review section of today’s Guardian, I’ve written a review of Daniel Levitin’s book, ‘The World in Six Songs’. If you’d like to read the review, here’s the link.

Writing in the recession

Posted by Susan Tomes on 27 June 2009 under Books, Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

The Author, the newsletter of the Society of Authors, has just dropped on to the doormat. It’s full of doom and gloom about the effects of the recession on writers, particularly freelance writers. Fewer reviews are being commissioned by newspapers. Rates of pay have been cut. Editors are looking to produce the material they need […]


Posted by Susan Tomes on 18 May 2009 under Books  •  1 Comment

I’m reading the American poet Mark Doty’s memoir about his two beloved dogs. It’s a charity shop find in a Large Print Edition, the oversize print giving me the impression that the author is talking to me slowly and in a loud voice. The sensation fades away as I get drawn into this lovely book, […]

A well-deserved award

Posted by Susan Tomes on 13 May 2009 under Books  •  Leave a comment

Last night the Royal Philharmonic Society announced their 2009 awards for music. One result that I found particularly pleasing was the Creative Communication Award to Alex Ross for his book The Rest is Noise, which has already won the Guardian First Book Award. I gave the book to Bob for Christmas, and ever since then […]