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Driving away troublemakers

Posted by Susan Tomes on 7 June 2009 under Daily Life  •  1 Comment

There’s another press report on classical music being used to drive troublesome teenagers away from local shops, this time with a twist. The Co-op store in an Aberdeen suburb has been broadcasting a classical playlist at the front of its shop as a ‘deterrent’. But staff were startled when they turned the music off recently, and […]

Jarred by canned music

Posted by Susan Tomes on 6 June 2009 under Concerts, Daily Life, Florestan Trio  •  Leave a comment

Just back from a successful trip to the Echternach Festival in Luxembourg. We played in a very pretty but wildly over-resonant church whose acoustics were only somewhat subdued by the presence of the audience. During the rehearsal, when the church was empty, we counted a five-second echo. Nevertheless the audience for our concert was extremely warm […]

Transfer Fees

Posted by Susan Tomes on 3 June 2009 under Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

Over breakfast this morning I heard the sports announcer say that footballer Roberto Kaka is to join Real Madrid for a record-breaking transfer fee of £56 million. This sum is quite apart from the player’s own prospective earnings, reputed to be in the region of £160,000 a week. And what really amazes me is that […]

Flowering on one day only

Posted by Susan Tomes on 2 June 2009 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings  •  Leave a comment

The new little convolvulus plant in our garden has just flowered for the first time. Its six delicate purple flowers will be gone by the end of the day. Bob says there should be new flowers tomorrow. We bought the convolvulus plant in homage to a wonderful sight in the Swiss town of Bern, where […]

Gold grasshoppers

Posted by Susan Tomes on 31 May 2009 under Daily Life  •  Leave a comment

My whole day has been brightened by a lovely thing my daughter told me. She is studying Classics at university and has been reading the Greek historian Thucydides. Writing in the 5th century BC about ‘the ancients’, Thucydides described some of their customs. When he said ‘the ancients’, I wonder if he meant people of […]