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In Oxford

Posted by Susan Tomes on 4 November 2011 under Daily Life, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

When I was in Oxford the other day to give a masterclass at the university, I visited a friend who lives and teaches in one of the Oxford colleges. To reach his rooms, I had to pass through several interlocking courtyards, or Quads as they’re called in Oxford. Each courtyard took me further away from […]

‘Mozart’s grave’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 17 October 2011 under Daily Life, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

One afternoon in Vienna we went out to visit the place where Mozart was buried, in the Sankt Marx cemetery outside the old city walls. Today the burial ground, no longer used since the 1880s, lies forlornly in the midst of motorway flyovers, housing estates, industrial warehouses and a mobile phone headquarters. It’s an ugly […]

Differing tastes

Posted by Susan Tomes on 1 October 2011 under Concerts, Musings, Travel  •  14 Comments

In the wake of the Trondheim competition, I’ve been thinking about the gap between the jury’s taste and the public’s taste in performers. Several times during the competition I happened to bump into members of the public in the coffee shop, or in the foyers of the concert hall, and got chatting to them about […]

Norwegian Salmon

Posted by Susan Tomes on 25 September 2011 under Daily Life, Travel  •  1 Comment

It’s hard to imagine getting blasé about smoked salmon, but I have nearly managed it here in Trondheim. At the hotel’s generous breakfast buffet there’s a special stand, known to us musicians as ‘the salmon station’, where you can get smoked and cured salmon of majestic quality. The salmon chef, or salmonster, if I could […]

’12 angry men’

Posted by Susan Tomes on 21 September 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Travel  •  Leave a comment

In Trondheim in Norway, where the chamber music festival this week is featuring the music of Australian composer Brett Dean. Stylish posters advertise the concerts around town, playing on the titles of works being performed in the festival, or on events associated with it. For example, this morning there’s a ‘Chamber Music Orienteering’ event where festival […]