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Children’s voices

Posted by Susan Tomes on 8 July 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Inspirations, Travel  •  3 Comments

This morning in the village church of Cerne Abbas, we invited the children of the local primary school to come and listen to a rehearsal of Aaron Copland’s attractive piece, Appalachian Spring (part of tonight’s concert programme). It lasts around 25 minutes, quite a long while for young children to sit quietly, which they did. […]

Summer music

Posted by Susan Tomes on 7 July 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Musings, Travel  •  Leave a comment

I’m in rural Dorset to take part in one of those thriving summer music festivals never mentioned in the Guardian’s guide to same. This will be the 21st annual festival run by the Gaudier Ensemble; I’ve been ‘at the piano’ for eighteen of those years. Despite the silence of the music press, the festival continues […]

Riverside nonsense

Posted by Susan Tomes on 24 June 2011 under Daily Life, Musings, Travel  •  2 Comments

To Cambridge, where I heard a fine May Week concert at King’s College. (As Clive James pointed out in the title of a book of memoirs, May Week is in June.) It was great to hear that the tradition of excellent music-making continues, even though ‘performance’ is only a small part of the students’ degree […]

The award-winning coastline of Norway

Posted by Susan Tomes on 22 February 2011 under Concerts, Daily Life, Travel  •  1 Comment

Thank you to those kind people in the Lofoten Islands who wrote to me after I played in the music festival there last week. By popular request, here is another photo I took, this time from the plane on the way back to the Norwegian mainland. The scene reminded me of the character Slartibartfast in […]

The majestic scenery of the Lofoten Islands

Posted by Susan Tomes on 15 February 2011 under Concerts, Inspirations, Travel  •  Leave a comment

I probably would never have gone to the Lofoten Islands of Norway on my own initiative, but I was very glad that a music festival had summoned me there last week. Somehow I had imagined the islands as smaller and tamer than they really are. In fact, the scenery was quite wonderful. On our drives […]