More Japanese reviews

More reviews of my book ‘Out of Silence’, translated into Japanese by Noriko Ogawa, have arrived from Tokyo. I must say these Japanese reviews are absolutely my favourites so far. Their flavour suggests Noriko was right when she said that Japanese people would be on my wavelength, or vice versa.

I particularly treasure a review by an exceptional person, the Chief Abbot of the famous Kofukuji Temple in Nara. How he came to review a book about music I don’t know, but it was an inspired notion, typical of the subtle association of ideas that seems to happen so naturally in Japan.

Here are excerpts from three reviews, kindly translated by my Japanese editor:

“The author has always asked herself various questions. As for a certain question, the author puts forward a possible answer, and readers are deeply convinced of her insight and impressed by her wit. The beauty of English of the text can also be guessed from the whole atmosphere.’   Tosho-Shinbun, Oct 2012

“The experience given by reading Susan’s beautiful writing is similar to listening to a good performance of music.” Akahata-Shinbun, Oct 2012

“Since the author has an open heart with perfect freedom, she can talk about everything.
It is a tasty, excellent book that suggests to us a good way of life.
And I feel to hear music from somewhere inside while reading it.”
Shun’ei Tagawa, Chief Abbot of Kofukuji, writing in the Sankei-Shinbun, Oct 2012

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3 Responses to “More Japanese reviews”

  1. James B said on

    Congratulations! It sounds like a fantastic book, I need to get into something now that I’ve finished your excellent ‘Beyond the Notes’.

  2. Petra said on

    Well done, you can be rightly pleased. Having read your beautiful book, and having recently heard Noriko play and also speak here in Ilkley I can imagine that the Japanese translation must be an absolute treasure. She is such an instinctive communicator with an audience.

  3. Susan Tomes said on

    Indeed, I have been very lucky to have Noriko as my translator.

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