My Billy Mayerl CD resurfaces

18th June 2009 | Concerts, Daily Life | 10 comments

People sometimes ask where they can find my 1990 disc of piano music by Billy Mayerl, and I haven’t been able to tell them. Since Virgin Classics was bought by EMI, and after parts of EMI were moved to Paris, it’s become very hard to follow the fate of a record which has seemed to go in and out of print.

Anyway, my ‘Loose Elbows’ disc is now available to order through Arkiv Music. You won’t find it in the shops, but you can order a copy of the disc here. If you don’t know Billy Mayerl’s music, I highly recommend it. Billy Mayerl was the wonderful pianist at London’s Savoy Hotel in the 1920s and 30s. His virtuosic light music was famous in its day.

Next week my album will also become available as a digital download and from iTunes. I’ll give the links when I receive them from EMI.


  1. Paul Heneghan

    Hello Susan,

    I heard ‘Wedding of an Ant’ on the radio a couple of months ago, found your Loose Elbows tracks on Spotify and eventually managed to track down your CD. Wonderfully light and entertaining music! I can imagine the amount of practice required to make some of these pieces sound so easy – they are anything but. They’ve encouraged me to start practising again after a gap of 27 years (I reached ARCM standard when I was 19, but then developed other interests).



  2. Steve

    I’m currently learning some Mayerl and looking around for inspiration and other performances of his music I came across this Blog. Good to hear Loose Elbows disc is still available. I think it’s the best I’ve heard, often exceeding the the composers own performances to my mind. They ought to featured more often and more widely perhaps on the internet.

  3. Susan Tomes

    Thank you Steve for your kind comments about the CD. I’d certainly like to be able to make the disc more widely available on the internet, but copyright rules have made it impossible so far. I’ll keep exploring.

  4. Robin

    I heard ‘All-of-a-Twist’ on Radio 3 this morning, and before breakfast I found a copy of your disc online (second-hand, but assuredly in excellent condition). I have a disc of Mayerl playing his own compositions, but I agree with Steve, your rendering seems somehow much easier listening and with more technical skill – but made to sound so easy. I am not an accomplished pianist, but I gave up on ‘Marigold’ after the first couple of bars! Where can I hear your playing this music in public please?

    • Susan Tomes

      Thanks so much – unfortunately I have no immediate Mayerl performances to mention to you. The next one is February 22 at King’s College Cambridge when I will be finishing a solo piano recital with a group of Mayerl pieces. But of course I don’t know where you live – perhaps this is not convenient.

  5. thaliarque

    I also heard ‘All of a twist’ on BBC Radio3 and since then I hear it many times every day… I come from Greece and my english is poor to express how much I liked both the piece and your performance! Unfortunately tomorrow morning the possibility of hearing it through the BBC website expires, so I would also like to find a copy of your disc. I asked to the shop where I usually purchase CDs and they can’t find/order it. I would like to ask you to help me find and purchase the disc. For example I found it here: but I have a little fear of sending personal facts and credit card numbers, I haven’t done it before… Thank you in advance! Dimitris (city of Kalamata, 3 hours away from Athens)

    • Susan Tomes

      Dmitris, it was so nice to read your message. Thank you!
      I am sorry I cannot suggest anything other than buying the CD online, though I understand your feelings about giving personal information. Most people seem to buy the CD through Amazon, using this link:
      It should not cost more than that …. there are some sites selling copies of the disc for a lot more money, but you can ignore them.
      Let me know if you manage to buy a copy of the CD.

    • Susan Tomes

      Dmitris, I forgot to mention two other possibilities: 1) you can download tracks from iTunes, and 2) you can buy tracks from the mp3 store on this website. Good luck!

  6. thaliarque

    Susan, I thank you for the immediate reply. I hope it will prove helpful and I soon will have your CD in my hands. Keep introducing such beautiful music! Dimitris

  7. P Brooke

    Heard your version of Autumn Crocus on Radio 3 this morning – wonderful. Can I buy your CD Loose Elbows in the Uk please? And/or the sheet music for this piece? Many thanks
    Pip Brooke


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