In Constable country

10th October 2010 | Concerts, Daily Life, Florestan Trio | 0 comments

Dedham Vale by ConstableTo East Bergholt in Suffolk for a concert with the Florestan Trio. The artist John Constable was born in East Bergholt, and used to walk through the fields to school in Dedham. He later said it was that landscape which inspired him to become a painter.

Before the rehearsal, Bob and I walked along that same path in the gentle autumn mist, enjoying the feeling that we were seeing what Constable saw – though sadly we could not follow his lead in turning what we saw into beautiful paintings. Bob recalls that when Kenneth Clark spoke about Constable in his 1969 television series, ‘Civilisation’, he said that when Constable first submitted a painting of this landscape to an exhibition in me on Constable's pathLondon, one of the assessors said, ‘Take that horrid green thing away.’


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