Bronze age

21st September 2010 | Daily Life | 1 comment

Gazing into the Water of LeithLast time I saw Anthony Gormley’s bronze figures, they were perched on top of various London buildings. When you crossed Waterloo Bridge on foot, you had time to spot several of them in perilous locations, looking unnervingly like people who might have to be talked down from a ledge.

They disappeared from London a while ago, but I came across some of them again in Edinburgh yesterday in more tranquil surroundings, standing in the Water of Leith. Here’s one of them in reflective mood.

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  1. Stephen Jenkins

    Hi Susan,

    I have been lurking for a while (and subscribing to your posts) and enjoying reading you.

    I live in Western Michigan and there is a Gormley in a permanent collection at the Miejer Garden Sculpture park near Grand Rapids.

    Unfortunately, they actually cleaned it, thereby lessening the beauty IMO. My daughter the artist (who lives in the U.K.) said she had never heard of anyone cleaning them there….


    Keep the posts coming. Great Blog!


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