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4th June 2009 | Concerts, Florestan Trio | 0 comments

I’ve written an article for The Guardian, due to be published tomorrow (Friday 5 June) in the Film and Music supplement. It’s about the trio’s festival plans to perform Beethoven’s Second Symphony in the composer’s arrangement for piano trio.

This year there are several works in our festival which are cut-down versions of works originally written for larger forces. In addition to the Beethoven Symphony, we’re playing a trio version of Janacek’s first String Quartet, and we’re also giving performances of two concertos, one for piano and one for cello, using a string quartet instead of an orchestra as our support. In case you’re wondering whether a ‘reduced’ version of these works means that they are shorter or structurally different, the music is exactly the same, just re-distributed among three instruments instead of being played by a quartet or a whole orchestra. Playing a slimline, frugal version of these works is an idea which arose for artistic reasons, but which now seems to make extra sense in our recession-hit times.

A trip to Luxembourg tomorrow will prevent me from giving the link to the Guardian page. But if you can’t read the paper itself, I hope you’ll easily find it online on Friday.


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