‘Out of Silence’ mentioned in New Yorker

23rd June 2010 | Books, Daily Life, Musings | 5 comments

My new book is mentioned in this week’s New Yorker magazine by the leading writer on music, Alex Ross. Alex’s column in the magazine this week is about ballet and its sometimes vexed relationship with the musical score.

Read the article in the New Yorker.

Order ‘Out of Silence’ from Amazon.

To order by phone from Boydell and Brewer’s US outlet in Rochester NY, call 585 275-0419 in the US. To order from Boydell in the US by e-mail, write to boydell@boydellusa.net


  1. Gretchen Saathoff

    Congratulations, Susan! I was devouring my copy of this week’s magazine this afternoon, Alex Ross’s article included.

  2. Beverly Woodward

    I find no information on your site about how to purchase “Out of Silence” in the United States. Given the mention by Alex Ross in “The New Yorker,” posting this information seems essential. (I had just read his piece this morning and wanted to order the book since I had enjoyed “Beyond the Notes.”)

  3. Susan Tomes

    Beverley, I’m sorry it’s not clear how to order the book. The ‘Writings’ tab (at the top of my site) will take you to my books page, where there is a link showing you how to order from Amazon. This seems to be the simplest way to order, and as you know Amazon will post it to you wherever you live. In theory, the book should be available via US bookstores, but I don’t know how practical this option is. If you don’t want to use Amazon, the book can be ordered from its publisher Boydell and Brewer in the UK.

  4. Beverly Woodward


    Thanks for your response. I’ll look into ordering through Amazon, but what comes up is Amazon UK and I am not sure they want my credit card or my business. I suggest you contact your publisher and inquire what their plans are for U.S. distribution. The “New Yorker” has a big following, so this matter should be of considerable interest to the publisher (who, after all, does want to sell books).

    Best wishes,
    Beverly (note spelling)


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