Saturday Classics repeat, 19 July

17th July 2014 | Concerts, Daily Life | 2 comments

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that on Saturday 19 July, from 2-4pm, Radio 3 is repeating my episode of ‘Saturday Classics’, in which I choose music of personal significance and talk about the reasons for my selections before they’re played.

I seem to remember that when the programme first aired, in May last year, an awful lot of people wrote to say they’d missed it for one reason and another, so I hope that it may be possible for them to catch up with the programme this time (though perhaps that is a vain hope in fine weather). I’m quite intrigued myself, because at this distance I find I can’t recall all the musical choices I made. Would I choose different music now? Well, maybe I’d update my choices with music which has made an impact on me during the year. But some old favourites are evergreen.

Tune in on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. As before, ‘Saturday Classics’ will be available on iPlayer for a week afterwards. More information about the programme here.


  1. James B

    Gosh, what a great selection of music! Listening from Egypt I often miss programs that I know I would have loved had I known about them. Particularly disappointing was missing the recent program about the marvelous John Ogdon on Radio 3. Anyway, it was very nice to hear this selection.
    I must say, Susan, I didn’t expect you to sound quite so Scottish!! 😀
    On the other hand, listening from a time zone an hour or two ahead has its benefits… I can listen to my favourite, the shipping news and weather forecast, without having to wake up at 5am!

  2. Petra

    I heard part of it whilst driving to my amateur music summer school, not piano and not the South of France though, but cello and deepest Oxfordshire. Very similar experience to what you describe in your post about the piano course. Though I would not call the cello a hobby but a total obsession. But about the radio programme: only when I listened to the radio I realized I had never heard your voice before! Thanks for your choices.


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