Austrian Radio interview on Wednesday

18th February 2013 | Books | 0 comments

12-FC3C5A97-261845-800-100Between Monday and Thursday mornings this week, Austrian Radio (ORF1) is broadcasting a series of interviews with classical pianists who are also writers. Stephen Hough, Yorck Kronenbourg and Valery Afanassiev all feature in the series along with me. My own interview is broadcast on Wednesday morning at 0845 UK time (0945 in Austria), and you can listen via the ORF1 website. If you’re listening at 0845 in the UK, just click on the red button marked ‘Live’ at the top of the ORF1 page.

If you miss that slot, you can listen for seven days afterwards simply by clicking the red button marked ‘7 Tage ö1’ – ‘the week’s radio when YOU want it’. It’s next to the ‘Live’ button, at the top of the ORF1 page. A little window will open with the week’s radio schedules. Click on ‘Mi’ for ‘Mittwoch’ (Wednesday) and scroll down until you come to 0945. You’ll see the series title, ‘Vielerlei Tastaturen’ (‘many keyboards’). Click on that to replay the interview.

As far as I know, you’ll hear some of my words in English, and some will be translated into German and read by an actor.


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