Wall Street Journal reviews my book

16th June 2024 | Books, Reviews | 2 comments

This weekend my book Women and the Piano is reviewed by Diane Cole in the Wall Street Journal.

I don’t think my books have ever come to the attention of the WSJ before, so I am delighted to be included. Only subscribers can read the full review, but this link at least shows the opening paragraphs and the reviewer’s appraisal of the book as ‘delightfully provocative and consistently informative’.

They devoted quite a lot of space to the review and found a pertinent artwork to go with it, all of which is very gratifying. My publishers have always said it’s hard to get British non-fiction books reviewed in the American press. But this time I have been lucky. A couple of weeks ago my book was one of the New Yorker’s ‘best books of 2024 so far’, and now it’s in the Wall Street Journal. So to use a currently fashionable phrase, I am feeling very ‘seen’. And it is a nice feeling!


  1. Mary Cohen

    Great to see you breaking through barriers!

  2. Eric Bridgstock

    So a concert tour of America? Show Taylor Swift how it should be done!
    Great news.


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