A podcast for the ‘Brainland’ series

5th June 2024 | Inspirations, Musings | 1 comment

I have done an interview for the ‘Brainland‘ podcast, a series ‘where neuroscience, the arts and humanities mingle’. An old college friend, doctor and cellist Steve Brown, interviewed me about how I got started in music, how I got into chamber music, what motivates me, and so on.

You’ll notice that he calls me ‘Sue’, a sign of when we got to know one another. My family calls me Susan, and I was Susan at school. When I got to university, everyone suddenly called me Sue, without my doing anything to make this happen. I was Sue for a long time in my professional life. Then I moved to Edinburgh, and everyone started calling me Susan again. Either name is fine with me, by the way.

Click here to hear the podcast.

1 Comment

  1. Mary Cohen

    Enjoyed listening to the podcast! (Really worth putting some time aside for.)


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