BBC History Magazine podcast about ‘The Piano’

20th July 2021 | Books, Musings | 0 comments

I recently recorded a 30-minute podcast for BBC History magazine – talking to interviewer Ellie Cawthorne about my new book, ‘The Piano – a History in 100 Pieces‘.

The podcast is now available by clicking on this link:

You don’t need headphones or special equipment to listen to it – if you’re sitting at a computer you can just listen on your usual speakers. Scroll down the BBC History Extra page and click ‘play’ on the History Extra Podcast banner under ‘The piano – a musical history’. Of course, you can also listen on your phone or however you usually listen to podcasts. There’s an advert at the beginning, and another in the middle – but just keep listening.

The photo shows me signing copies of my new book in Blackwell’s Edinburgh bookstore.


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