15th July 2019 | Concerts, Musings | 0 comments

Last week I had the opportunity to sit at the side of a church and watch the faces of the audience as they listened to a wonderful concert. It was interesting to observe the array of expressions, some clearly related to the music, others not. I saw people who were:

Transfixed, taken out of themselves

Mutinous, wishing not to have to be there

Eyes closed, smiling, grateful for this respite

Uncomfortable, glancing around for clues as to how to behave

Leaning forward, keenly observing the interchange between the players

Fidgety, not even trying to listen

Solemn, watchful

Awkward, slightly shamefaced, as if embarrassed by the beauty of music

Sunk in thought, using the music as soundtrack to some inner narrative

Faces upturned as if waiting for rain

When you’re one of the players, you often hope to produce a
certain effect on your listeners, but sometimes it’s good to be
reminded how little control you have over the audience’s reaction.



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